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I moved to Texas eight years ago after spending my life in Southern California. Musically, I grew up on whatever my parents were playing on their phonograph at any given time: Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Glen Campbell, and so many other greats. And then of course, Mom used to listen to the cool stuff on the car radio. Mind you, this was back in the 60s. All of that made me, even today, a music encyclopedia. 


So, it was a natural fit that as soon as I could get into being a musician or singer I did so. At 18, I had my first garage band. My biggest influence was Steve Marriott, from both Small Faces and Humble Pie. And so it went. Listen, jam, sing, listen some more. Making music has always been at the center of my life, and it always will be. 


I had been in and out of tribute bands in Southern California until I became bored. In 2006, an old friend of mine, Jim Altman, approached me with an idea, and we put together his old band Punch as an original act. From that point to today, I have only played original music that I’ve written myself or with my 13-year co-writer/lead guitarist and dear friend Andy Zuckerman.


In 2007, Andy and I hit the STS Hot AC Top 40 Main Chart with “Never Knew Anyone,” and we continued from there. We always worked under my last name, and we were fortunate to have Scotty Johnson, Jesse Valenzuela, and Scott “Kooze” Kusmirek of the Gin Blossoms play on my first album. On my second album, we did a cool co-write with Danny Wilde of The Rembrandts.

Right now, we have another project, Ghosts of Winter, under which he and I write original music that has been considered for Grammy Nominations in the last two years. I continue to write, record, and produce my own material under my name, Curd., 


Trying to describe my own music is difficult, but Lee Gianangelo from Distant Sound Productions recently said this: 


"Bill Curd writes the kind of songs that someone who has dedicated his life to that art form is capable of writing. A skillful weaver of melodic and lyrical content that, today, is only heard from veteran songwriters with a knowledge and appreciation of popular song styles of the present and the past...creating true depth within the 3- to 4-minute musical stories that hold a listener’s attention. He shows a versatility between heartfelt relationship encounters as well as the just fun to listen to more youthful and innocent charming song of which I recently produced to be presented to the industry."

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